2020 (30) 2

Vydáno: 11 / 2020
Vydavatel: Univerzita Karlova, Filozofická fakulta
ISSN: 1805-9635
112 stran


The interplay of stress saliency and word beginning saliency: an experimental study
Luca Cilibrasi — Vesna Stojanovik, p. 113-126
Boring as hell: a corpus study of intensifying post-modification of predicative adjectives in the ‘ADJ as NOUN’ frame
Jaroslav Emmer, p. 127-137
La construction absolue attributive française comme une catégorie radiale
Karolína Lipská, p. 138-155
Are French NNs variants of N-PREP-N constructions? A corpus-based study of two competing patterns
Jan Radimský, p. 156-186
There are differences between scientific and non-scientific English indeed: a case study
Begoña Crespo, p. 187-203
Traducteur natif ou non natif ? La directionnalité de la traduction et sa perception
Tomáš Duběda, p. 204-217


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