2022 (32) 1

Issued: 10 / 2022
Publisher: Univerzita Karlova, Filozofická fakulta
ISSN: 1805-9635
166 pages

Special Issue: Creativity and adaptation in language and communication

Guest editors: Mirjam Fried and Eva Lehečková (Charles University, Prague)


Special Issue: The adaptive nature of linguistic behavior
Mirjam Fried, p. 5-15

I. Synchronic variability and diachronic change

Multimodal marking of information structure: gesture-prosody alignment across languages
Eva Lehečková — Jakub Jehlička — Magdalena Králová Zíková, p. 19-38
Countability in the history of English: Evidence from grammars and dictionaries
Ondřej Tichý, p. 39-58
Grammaticalization of auxiliary verb constructions: The case of Italo-Romance mixed perfective auxiliation systems and the ‘MIXPAR’ project
Pavel Štichauer, p. 59-84

II. Language contact

Adapting to the pandemic crisis through the lens of language: On the English semantic neologism lockdown and its adoption into Czech
Michal Škrabal, p. 85-106
Interlanguage correspondences and their manifestation in receptive bilinguals
Adam Kříž — Jan Chromý, p. 107-124
The effect of non-conclusive melodic rises on Czech speech sounding French
Tomáš Bořil — Pavel Šturm — Radek Skarnitzl — Marie Hévrová — Barbara Köpke, p. 125-141
Phonetic imitation of t-glottaling by Czech speakers of English
Pavel Šturm — Joanna Przedlacka — Arkadiusz Rojczyk, p. 142-165



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