A lexico-semantic database of Czech. An interim report

Ondřej Tichý — Zora Obstová — Aleš Klégr (Charles University, Prague)




The paper describes the intermediate stage of a lexicographical project, whose aim is to digitize and align two Czech onomasiological dictionaries (Haller 1969–77; Klégr 2007) in order to create an integrated digital multi-purpose lexico-semantic database of Czech. The two dictionaries are based on different categorization systems (Hallig and von Wartburg; Roget) and use different formats. Their content only partially overlaps, making them largely complementary. Their linkage is planned to be achieved through their structural elements (categories of their hierarchies) rather than by matching individual headwords. The four phases of the project are digitization, encoding, programming and testing. The digitization of both dictionaries and the encoding of one of them have been completed, and the preliminary steps in programming the platform are underway.


onomasiological lexicography, thesaurus, lexico-semantic database, digitization, Czech




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